2015 Message from Pope Francis

Pontifex Message Summorum PontificumTo his Most Reverend Excellency Archbishop Guido Pozzo, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, on the occasion of the Roman pilgrimage of the Cœtus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum, which keeps the ancient Roman liturgy alive in the Church: the Holy Father Pope Francis addresses his heartfelt greetings and hopes that participation in the pious itinerary at the tombs of the Apostles may foster a fervent adhesion to Christ as He is worshipped in the beauty of the liturgy, which leads to the contemplation of the Lord transfigured in the light of His glory and provides a renewed impetus for the witness of the eternal message of the Christian faith.

His Holiness, invoking the abundant gifts of the Holy Ghost and the maternal protection of the Mother of God, asks you to persevere in prayerful support for his Petrine ministry and wholeheartedly imparts to Your Excellency, prelates, priests, and all the faithful attending this holy celebration His apostolic blessing as implored, to foster a fruitful ecclesial path.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin
Secretary of State to His Holiness

Back in Rome for the Year of Faith closing ceremonies

October 2013: The People of Summorum Pontificum will be back in Rome for the Year of Faith closing ceremonies.

The Cœtus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum (CISP) gladly announces that it will end the Year of Faith just as it had begun it: with a pilgrimage Ad Petri Sedem (to the See of Peter).

Following the 2012 pilgrimage’s spiritual success, the people of Summorum Pontificum are once again meeting in Rome to bear witness to the traditional liturgy’s eternal youth at the Apostle’s Tomb. The CISP thus means to contribute to the harmony and building up of the universal Church, while remaining docile to the action of the Holy Ghost.

In order to respond to the encouragement to “seguir adelante” (keep forging ahead) on the part of Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, at the end of the November pilgrimage,
the CISP early in 2013 had asked St. Peter’s Basilica’s archpriest, Cardinal Angelo Comastri, for access to the Basilica. This March 14, Cardinal Comastri confirmed the Basilica’s availability on 26 October next at 11am for the solemn celebration, which will be the high point of the pilgrimage.

The Cœtus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum thanks Cardinal Comastri for his hospitality and invite all groups linked to the extraordinary form of the Roman rite already to start preparing themselves for this pilgrimage through prayer and to take an active part in organizing it.


The Cœtus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum, which was established last July, is the organizer of the People of Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage–diocesan priests and priests from ED communities, seminarians, religious, and the faithful attached to the traditional liturgy–in Rome.
This year the steering committee is made up of: Giuseppe Capoccia, managing director; Guillaume Ferluc, secretary-general; Father Claude Barthe, chaplain. Giuseppe Capoccia, Italian senior civil servant, succeeds as councilor to Riccardo Turrini who was named Judged at the Court of Appeals of the Vatican City State on December 31, 2012.

Contact : cisp[at]mail.com

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