2015 Message from Pope Francis

Pontifex Message Summorum PontificumTo his Most Reverend Excellency Archbishop Guido Pozzo, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, on the occasion of the Roman pilgrimage of the Cœtus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum, which keeps the ancient Roman liturgy alive in the Church: the Holy Father Pope Francis addresses his heartfelt greetings and hopes that participation in the pious itinerary at the tombs of the Apostles may foster a fervent adhesion to Christ as He is worshipped in the beauty of the liturgy, which leads to the contemplation of the Lord transfigured in the light of His glory and provides a renewed impetus for the witness of the eternal message of the Christian faith.

His Holiness, invoking the abundant gifts of the Holy Ghost and the maternal protection of the Mother of God, asks you to persevere in prayerful support for his Petrine ministry and wholeheartedly imparts to Your Excellency, prelates, priests, and all the faithful attending this holy celebration His apostolic blessing as implored, to foster a fruitful ecclesial path.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin
Secretary of State to His Holiness

#sumpont2015: Homily by Most Reverend Archbishop Guido Pozzo

(Holy Mass on 23 October 2015, Santa Maria in Campitelli)

October 23, 2015

Abp. Pozzo during his homily viewed from Fr. Z’s place.

Here we are again in Rome for our pilgrimage to the tombs of the two Holy Apostles, St Peter and St Paul. As pilgrims, you have come to perform the external task of walking, to give a visible sign of devotion and reverence, but you are more important task is along the inner path of Faith, as you look for the living God and try to strengthen your bond of love with Him.

We are living in difficult times, but we must not be discouraged or yield to resignation and pessimism. We must never forget that there are many other people around us who, although they do not recognise the Faith they have been given, are still trying to find a sense of meaning in their lives. This search for meaning is a real “preamble” to Faith, because it will lead them along the road up to the mystery of God.

It will be difficult for these searchers for something spiritual to find the True God and the True Church if we have not borne credible witness to them. What the world needs now is the credible testimony of good Catholics, so that many hearts and minds will open to God and the real meaning of life, which will never fade away.

The Catholic mission is not simply passing on a message. It means helping people to know Jesus and experience His love and His mercy as deeply and intimately as possible. We have to come out of ourselves to evangelise, and this is what it means to live a catholic life. Your pilgrimage to Rome is tangible proof that you want to come out of yourselves to pass the joy of knowing God on to other people who do not yet know Him or who have forgotten Him. Your pilgrimage must make you feel you belong to a community of missionary disciples.

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WORDS OF WELCOME #sumpont2015

Fr. Claude Barthe


Your Excellencies, Most Reverend Father, Dear Brother Priests, Dear Friends,

We begin tonight the fourth Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage, coming together from around the world to the see of Peter and to the tomb of the Apostle in order to give thanks for the Motu Proprio of Benedict XVI which freed up the ancient roman liturgy. We come also to ask the Lord for His help, in our Dioceses, our Parishes, our communities and associations, to help us develop this holy form of the liturgy, which – as we know – brings fruits of faith, holiness, conversion, evangelization, and emergence of vocations. Our special intention for this year is for the Christian family, as the second meeting of the Synod of Bishops on this very subject reaches its conclusion.

I extend sincere thanks to the prelates in attendance this evening for their gracious presence: His Excellency Archbishop François Bacqué, Papal Nuncio, His Excellency Bishop Juan Rodolfo Laise, our celebrant for tonight’s Vespers, and the Most Reverend Dom Jean Pateau, Abbot of Fontgombault.

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1) For the celebration of private masses, the Personal Parish of Trinità dei Pellegrini (FSSP) will be open as follows:

– Thursday 22 Oct. 7-9am and noon-3pm
– Friday 23 Oct. 7-9am and noon-5pm.
– Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 Oct. 7-9am and 4.30-6pm.

Insofar as possible, please bring an alb and altar linens.

2) For the appropriate order and decorum at the Procession on Saturday, please follow the instructions provided by the priest in charge, Fr Marc Hausmann. In particular:

– A car will be available at San Lorenzo in Damaso for the transportation of any personal belongings, and will be parked at the Augustinianum, where items may be collected after the Mass in St Peter’s.

– Please wear cassock and surplice.

– If you use the biretta, do not wear it in church ; only wear it outside of church.

– Please keep your hands joined during the Procession.

– Make sure you stay properly in line during the Procession.


Advice to photographers

In order to limit moves that could disturb the liturgical functions of the pilgrimage, the possibility of taking photos will be limited only to photographers accredited in advance.

Priority will be given to professional photographers as well as to amateurs who were presents in the past years.

If you wish to receive your accreditation, please contact us at: orga.cisp@mail.com