Once more, Cardinal Pell says ‘yes’ to Juventutem!

The Most Reverend George Cardinal Pell with Juventutem members.

The Most Reverend George Cardinal Pell will celebrate Holy Mass on Friday, October 24.

The International Juventutem Federation is pleased to announce that His Eminence George Cardinal Pell, Prefect of the Secretariat for Economy, has kindly accepted our invitation to be the Celebrant at a Pontifical Solemn High Mass according to the Missal of St John XXIII on Friday October 24, 2014, 6:30pm, at Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini, Parish Church of the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter in Rome, Italy. The Holy Sacrifice will be offered in thanksgiving for the tenth anniversary of Juventutem, the worldwide youth movement fostering the sanctification of the young through the Roman traditions of Holy Mother Church. We are grateful to His Eminence who generously presided at Solemn Pontifical Vespers organised by Juventutem during World Youth Days in the past, first in Düsseldorf on 17 August 2005, and again in Sydney on 16 July 2008.

After Vespers in Düsseldorf, Cardinal Pell gave the following encouragements to the young WYD pilgrims of Juventutem: “I am happy to be here because the old Latin rite is one of the most beautiful things in the entire Western civilization. And I am very glad that this ancient rite has its place in the Church today. I am happy because this rite helps you to love God and to love one another. In this ancient rite we always see that our prayer is an act of worship. It is impossible to see a celebration like these Vespers as something horizontal. We have one Church only, whose Head is the Successor of Peter, with the Bishops as successors of the Apostles, and this unity is very important for the life of the Church“.

Members and supporters of Juventutem are cordially invited to make arrangements to be in Rome and attend the Mass, which will be preceded by other Juventutem activities (full schedule to be advertised soon). All pilgrims in Rome are naturally invited as well, regardless of their involvement with Juventutem. The event will be part of the Populus Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage 2014. The following day, on Saturday 25 October, His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, will celebrate a Solemn Pontifical High Mass according to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in Saint Peter’s Basilica, at 12:00 noon.

Released by the International Juventutem Federation, on May 27, 2014.


Juventutem - Summorum Pontificum

Juventutem during the 2005 WYD.

On the occasion of the ‘Populus Summorum Pontificum’ pilgrimage taking place in Rome from October 23-26, 2014, the Foederatio Internationalis Juventutem (the international organization of youth brought together by the Traditional Latin Mass) will celebrate its tenth birthday. All Juventutem members and friends are warmly welcomed to take a special part in this event.

On Friday, October 24th, beginning at 11:00AM, under the guidance of Fr. de Malleray, FSSP, chaplain of Juventutem, special events for Juventutem delegates will be held at the Church of Trinità dei Pellegrini, the personal parish in Rome.  As Juventutem has given its support to the Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage since its founding in 2012, it is fitting on their tenth anniversary that they have a momentous place in this year’s program.

Indeed, it was back in 2005, for the Cologne WYD, that for the first time in history young people attached to the Usus Antiquior gathered under the banner of Juventutem.   It was also the first time, as a herald of Summorum Pontificum, that the Church welcomed a group of Latin Mass goers in one of its official celebrations.

Hence, the Friday Solemn Mass of the Pilgrimage will be said with and for Juventutem members. All the pilgrims will join for what will surely be a thrilling moment of this year’s pilgrimage as it will show how the extraordinary form of the Mass has profoundly attracted the youth and inspires them to place their faith at the heart of their lives.

The Juventutem Anniversary Mass is scheduled at 6.30pm on Friday, October 24th at the Trinità dei Pellegrini.

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Under the protection of St. Philip Neri

Summorum Pontificum - Pippo Buono - St. Philip Neri - Pilgrimage - Rome

St. Philip Neri with the children of Rome he cared so much about and brought to the love of the Eucharistic Jesus. Picture from “Preferisco il Paradiso”, Italian TV movie with actor Gigi Proietti as St. Philip Neri.

As protector of the Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage, we have chosen one of Rome’s most popular saints: St. Philip Neri (1515-1595), whose pastoral activity made such a mark that he became popularised as ‘Rome’s third apostle’—after St. Peter and St. Paul.

After coming to Rome from Florence, he led a life entirely devoted to evangelization.  ‘Pippo Buono’ (Philip the good), as he was nicknamed,  considered for a time travelling to India as a missionary in the recently-founded Society of Jesus. He then realised India was in Rome itself: in its very streets, populated with children left to themselves, beggars and pilgrims.

Philip was an enthusiastic and imaginative priest and his exemplary life—made of prayer, adoration and preaching—drew many souls to him, especially children. He was a living witness to the joy of being a Christian, frequently responding to taunting with good humour. He was also a great mystic as well as an ardent apostle for charity.  He founded hospitals,  schools and charitable institutions. He also edified the people of Rome with a multiplication of processions (such as the well-known ‘Visit of the Seven Pilgrim Churches’), pious exercises, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and solemn liturgical ceremonies.

Being contemporaneous with the Council of Trent, he contributed to reforming the clergy by founding the Congregation of the Oratory, which has since blossomed all over the world and which counted Blessed Henry Newman, in particular, among its members. The small oratory constituted by the original group that met around St. Philip gave the society its name.

In 1548, on the eve of the 1550 Jubilee, St. Philip founded the Confraternity of the Most Holy Trinity of Pilgrims and Convalescents with the aim of welcoming and assisting pilgrims travelling to the See of Peter, particular poor ones.  A few years before St. Philip’s death, the Confraternity decided to build a church for its own needs: the ‘Trinità dei Pellegrini’. In 2008, Pope Benedict XVI gave permission for this church to become the seat of a personal parish for the extraordinary form of the Roman rite, entrusted to the priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. Every year,  this is the departure point of our pilgrimage.

What saint would be more appropriate than St. Philip Neri to welcome us to the papal city and guide us as we march to the Tomb of Peter to celebrate there the same mass that filled his heart with the love of God in such an extraordinary way?

Fr. Claude Barthe

Come to Rome!

Logo International Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage

Ash Wednesday 2014
Dear US Pilgrims,

We’re glad to inform you that we’ve signed a partnership with Syversen Touring, a family run Catholic tour operator.

Syversen Touring is organizing a NY-Rome-NY trip from October 20 to October 28 that will include full participation in the third international Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage. Pilgrims travelling with Syversen Touring will also attend the papal audience, visit and pray in Assisi and in Nursia, the birthplace of Saint Benedict.

If you’re interested you can already download the brochure following this link.

Have a good and holy Lent!

Guillaume Ferluc
Cœtus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum

Cardinal Burke to offer Pontifical High Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica

Burke - Summorum Pontificum - October 25, 2014 - St Peter's Basilica

His Eminence Raymond L. Cardinal Burke with Missionaries of Charity.

2 FEBRUARY 2014,

The Cœtus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum is happy to announce that His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, will celebrate the Solemn Pontifical High Mass according to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, on Saturday, October 25, in Saint Peter’s Basilica, at 12:00 Noon, on the occasion of the Third Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage to Rome.

The CISP would like to thank His Eminence Angelo Cardinal Comastri, Archpriest of Saint Peter’s Basilica, for responding so quickly to our request and making possible the celebration of the Holy Mass, the culmination of our pilgrimage ad Petri Sedem.

We can therefore begin to organize the pilgrimage, already now, eight months in advance, making it easier for pilgrims from Europe and from abroad to plan to participate in the pilgrimage to Rome. Thanks to the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum of H.H. Pope Benedict XVI of 7 July 2007, the riches of the Extraordinary Form are becoming more and more accessible to the Universal Church (Instruction Universæ Ecclesiæ, 30 April 2011), and people from all parts of the world are able to gather in pilgrimage for solemn prayer and for offering a witness to the faith.

We remind all that the Pilgrimage will begin on Thursday, October 23, and will conclude on the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King, on Sunday October 26, 2014.

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