On October 7, a Rosary for the Pilgrimage

Our Lady of Guadalupe

On October 7, a Rosary for the Pilgrimage

Sunday October 7, on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, every single Summorum Pontificum Coetus is invited to pray for the success of the CISP Pilgrimage in November.

We ask any group of faithful and religious that benefits from the Extraordinary Form of the Mass to pray their Rosary in that beautiful day for the spiritual goals of the Pilgrimage, as expressed by our Chaplain:

–  thanksgiving and support for the Holy Father;

– demonstration of loyalty to Peter;

– profession of faith and participation in the New Evangelization promoted by His Holiness.


Un chapelet pour le Pèlerinage

En la fête du Très Saint Rosaire, anniversaire de la bataille de Lépante, le dimanche 7 octobre, le Coetus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum invite tous les groupes Summorum Pontificum à prier pour le succès du pèlerinage de novembre à Rome.

Le Coetus Internationalis demande à chaque communauté laïque ou religieuse qui bénéficie de la forme extraordinaire de la messe de prier un chapelet aux intentions du pèlerinage, telles qu’exprimées par son aumônier, l’abbé Claude Barthe :

– action de grâces et de soutien filial au Saint Père,

– témoignage de fidélité au successeur de Pierre,

– profession de foi et désir de participer à la nouvelle évangélisation voulue par Benoît XVI.


Un Rosario per il Pellegrinaggio.

Domenica 7 Ottobre, in occasione della festa della Madonna del Rosario, anniversario della battaglia di Lepanto, ogni singolo Coetus del Summorum Pontificum è invitato a pregare per il buon esito del Pellegrinaggio organizzato dal CISP a Roma che si terrà nel mese di Novembre.

Chiediamo ai gruppi di fedeli e religiosi che beneficiano della forma straordinaria della S.Messa di pregare il S.Rosario in quel felice giorno per i fini spirituali del Pellegrinaggio ricordati dal nostro Cappellano:

– Ringraziamento e sostegno al Santo Padre il Papa;

– Dimostrazione di fedeltà a Pietro;

– Professione di fede e la partecipazione alla Nuova Evangelizzazione promosso da Sua Santità.



Petar – Croatia: “For me, the change of time is not so important, what is important more is, that we can have Old Mass celebrated in the heart of the Catholic World.” Lucia – Brazil: “En 10. D’autres personnes pouront confirmer encore leurs presence” Gloria – Italy: “Thanks God and Pope Benedict XVI  for the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum! W IL PAPA!!!!” Father Pedro – Mexico: “Specialisimas salutationes ad Papam. In intimo corde coniunctus sum ad Eum. I’m a priest of latin Mass and I’ll be with you spiritually and morally” Domenico – Italy: “Era ora! Io ci sarò con tutta la mia famiglia. Dio vi benedica e benedica il Papa!!!” Ulrich – Germany: “I would like to get the exact program of the pilgrimage, also about the events before the Pontifical Mass (on 1st and 2nd of November). Thank you very much.” Manfred – Germany: “In 2 from Germany” Giuseppe – Italy: “Sono un giovane 39enne catanese di fede cattolica legato da sempre alla S. Messa tradizionale. Desidero partecipare al pellegrinaggio e specialmente alla S. Messa di sabato 3. […] L’appuntamento è troppo importante perché io possa mancare! Grazie.” Massimiliano – Italy: “Do I need a pass to go to the Mass? thank you!” Arthur – Swiss: “Great! I will be there” Simone – Italy: “I would like to know if there is need of “tickets” for the Pontifical Mass in Vatican on November 3 as usually happen for the Masses with the Holy Father, or if is “free” entrance. Thank you!” Philippe – France: “how can I made a reservation and  help with money ?” Father Rinaldo – Italy: “Veniamo in 50!” Michael – USA: “I am a seminarian in  Rome :)” Filippo – Italy: “Vorrei partecipare a questo pellegrinaggio insieme alla mia famiglia, non facendo parte di nessun gruppo e non so come organizzarmi per poter partecipare ci sono degli orari di ritrovo oltre alla messa come si svolgerà la giornata? la presenza di bambini è problematica?” Paul – UK: “Hello we are very anxious to know whether any sort of pre-registration or accreditation is necessary in order to attend the 3pm Mass on the 3rd Nov. Thank you, God bless, Paul” 


Speech by Fr. Claude Barthe, Chaplain of the Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage Chaplain
Press Conference of the Coetus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum

Rome, 10 September 2012, Ss.ma Trinita dei Pellegrini 

The pilgrimage Summorum Pontificum of All Saints, 2012, which will culminate in a mass in St Peter’s Basilica, at the beginning of the Year of Faith, has a fourfold purpose:

1 °. It will be a thanksgiving. The pilgrims will assist at a Mass in the Extraordinary Form in thanksgiving and support for the Holy Father upon the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, which, it is known, entered into force September 14, 2007. For many priests, diocesan and religious, who now celebrate their daily Mass in the extraordinary form, is a truly immense spiritual benefit, as well as for the faithful of the parishes – unfortunately far too rare – so they can enjoy this liturgy and transcendence. It can be said that this act of Benedict XVI gave birth to a true People of Summorum Pontificum. These people want to thank him.

2 °. It will be a demonstration of loyalty to Peter. The second purpose is to manifest our love for the Church and our fidelity to the See of Peter, particularly in the current difficult and bitter situation. We are well aware of the difficult work that the Holy Father faces today. The Traditional Roman Mass, in particular in the Canon, has always been considered as a magnificent profession of Faith of the Church, Mater et Magistra: I think that in this liturgical season that we would like to reverence the Tomb of the Apostles, with the Successor of Peter.

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