Prayer to Saint Philip Neri for the Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage

Prayer composed in 2014 by Fr. Claude Barthe

Good Saint Philip Neri, who didst found the Confraternity of the Most Holy Trinity for the welcome and help of pilgrims to Rome, we place ourselves under thy kind protection.

Assist our pilgrimage in the City that is our Mother and our Mistress. Unite thy prayer to the prayers we send up to the Prince of the Apostles, to whose Tomb we are going. Place us under the mantle of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Salvation of the Roman people. Obtain for us mercy and forgiveness of our sins from Jesus Christ Our Lord, the Divine Spouse of the Church which He established upon Peter. Present to Him, through the hands of the Virgin Mary, our efforts, our labours, our sorrows, and our sacrifices for the celebration of the divine worship.

We beg thee to enlighten our faith, which is exposed to the darkness of the modern world, with thy smile and thy sense of humour.

Lastly we pray thee, good Saint Philip, to support our efforts to make the holy Roman liturgy just as you practised it shine in our parishes, in our nations, and in the whole world for the greater glory of God and for the conversion, consolation, and salvation of innumerable souls.


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