1) For the celebration of private masses, the Personal Parish of Trinità dei Pellegrini (FSSP) will be open as follows:

– Thursday 22 Oct. 7-9am and noon-3pm
– Friday 23 Oct. 7-9am and noon-5pm.
– Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 Oct. 7-9am and 4.30-6pm.

Insofar as possible, please bring an alb and altar linens.

2) For the appropriate order and decorum at the Procession on Saturday, please follow the instructions provided by the priest in charge, Fr Marc Hausmann. In particular:

– A car will be available at San Lorenzo in Damaso for the transportation of any personal belongings, and will be parked at the Augustinianum, where items may be collected after the Mass in St Peter’s.

– Please wear cassock and surplice.

– If you use the biretta, do not wear it in church ; only wear it outside of church.

– Please keep your hands joined during the Procession.

– Make sure you stay properly in line during the Procession.


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