The easiest way for all pilgrims to enter St. Peter’s basilica for cardinal Burke’s Solemn High Mass on Saturday, October 25, is to join the procession that will leave from San Lorenzo in Damaso after the Eucharistic Adoration.

The procession will be coordinated by Fr Marc Hausmann (see picture). To ensure a greater degree of dignity and solemnity, we should like to invite all Priests to follow his instructions, especially as regards the following –
• please wear a cassock and cotta;
• if you are wearing a biretta, put it on after genuflecting in front of the High Altar, and keep it on for the whole procession;
• please keep your hands joined in prayer throughout the whole procession;
• finally, please remember to stand and walk two abreast.

For the procession to proceed properly a lot will depend upon the lay faithful, who will be asked to walk four abreast throughout the whole procession and to sing when required. Since the lex orandi is an expression of our lex credendi, if we do things properly we will show the fervour of our life of prayer.

The people of Summorum Pontificum in Rome

Don Marc Haussman, the priest in charge of the procession towards St. Peter’s.

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